1. ezzieforprezzie said: How can anyone draw that well!! OMG!! Never doubt your art!! It's amazing! This is the type of art that makes me feel bad for my own shitty art! Never stop and never doubt your talent!

    Hehe thank you! Don’t let other people or other artist makes you feel shitty, everyone starts from the bottom, right? Keep going on practicing never stop doing art! :))

    *sorry for my bad grammar

  2. New bag, rm50 (idk about 16 bucks). The cloth is v thick, i like it.

    New bag, rm50 (idk about 16 bucks). The cloth is v thick, i like it.


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  3. Gee. Colour pencil and calligraphy pen.

    Gee. Colour pencil and calligraphy pen.


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  4. vanillatumbleweedscoffee *HUGS BACK*
  5. Why do parents think that mental illness is not as important as physical illness?


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    1. Parents: oh your sister have a fever we're taking her to the private hospital in the city
    2. Parents: so you have depression, some weird disorder and anxiety, your psychiatrist gives you Prozac to control your self harm problem? I'm taking these prozac, i want you to live a normal life like other people

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  6. Anonymous said: I enjoy so many things about you. Every time your name pops up on Instagram I feel so happy, because you bring such light and beauty in the things you create, and the love that you share, even without knowing it. Never second guess your worth, ok?

    You’re making me drooling right now. How i wish i can meet you and hug you rn. You’re that kind person that makes me appreciate my life even more.